We at Halens Camping organize a variety of activities, such as bicycle, boat or canoe rentals. We also have several jogging and hiking trails highlighted for you. Or go on a journey to the places of interest in our environment. Let us work together to Mittsommar. Decorate the maypole and lets celebrate and dance together. We promise many exciting events in summer.

Excursions from Halens Camping

Olofströms Culture – information on http://www.olofstrom.se/kultur

Brocenter – Car & Vehicle Museum (2 km)

Boat trip on the M / S Immeln (25 km)

Research – Kyrkhult (100 km)

Harasjömåla fly fishing (8 km)

Jämshögs Hembygds Museum (4 km)

Olofströms Canoe Rental (100 meters)

Humletorkan – Näsum ( 130km)

Kyrkhults Homestead Museum (110 km)

Kreativum – Karlshamn (35 km)

Crystal Kingdom (100 km)

Mörrumsån – Salmon Fishing in Morrum (25 km)

Ebbemåla Mill / Foundry ( 17 km)

Olofströms Museum (1.5 km)

Boa Olofströms Golf Club (10 km)

Ikea – Almhut (45 km)

Brio Lekoseum (45 km)



Trails from Halens Camping

Elljusslingan , Olofström
Start at the reception. 2.4 km gently rolling terrain , beech forest.


Blekingeleden , Olofström
Blekingeleden connection to Skåneleden west of Blekinge in Jämshög Boafall . 180 m above the sea level. They occur initially through beech forest at the lake Halen, further north you pass through a spruce forest in hilly terrain. The total length of the trail Blekingeleden from west to east is 220 km. The section at Olofström is about 40 km. Suitable starting points are Boafall , camping Halen , Fritzatorpet , Slagesnäs (Galaxy ) , Kyrkhult and Hemsjö . Separate maps are available at the tourist office.


Blue round in the nature reserve , 11.7 km
The blue round starts with the medium length at the parking lot next to Halens Camping and leads directly into the magnificent beech and mixed forests . Large parts of the round, which is slightly hilly goes along the lake Halen and then leads back to the jogging track and the parking lot.


Red Round Nature Reserve , 7.2 km
Starts with the long round, at the gravel parking lot next to Halens Camping and leads directly to the jogging path in the beech and mixed forests. The round is slightly undulating .

Rödhultsrundan 5km highlighted in yellow
Smooth trail , partly hilly in Halens nature reserve in a beech forest landscape. You will start at the parking lot and information Place about 1 km from Jämshög in the nature reserve – Take the road towards Boafall , at school , go straight past the turnoff to the community college and a little further on the narrow road that leads to the direction Nature Reserve and Camping Halen . Here you will find the information board and the starting area (about 1 km you will find information about all the paths in the tourist office in Olofström , Phone: 0454-30 94 00 )


Hiking in Författarbygd , 12 km
Hike on Harry Martinson and Sven Edvin Saljes tracks. The easy hike is largely due to beech forest. Continue to the end of the Blekingeleden ( orang – colored marking ) back to the start and finish area .


Wild Feet , nature tours , Olofström half or full day 5 – 10km
Would you like to wake up with the sound of the waves and the blackbird singing, sitting at the fire and cook a perch and enjoy freshly picked blueberries or perhaps suddenly standing face to face with a moose or a deer ? Hiking Package: Nature for the curious . Hiking in Snärjeskogen .


You can not exactly take the way of salmon , but you can follow the migration of salmon from the sea to Småland border. It is a natural and cultural historical trail , information boards reports on the history, culture and nature at the river . Laxaleden is above all a great outdoor experience , the river has an amazing animal and fauna. The route has some steep and narrow passages and is unfortunately not wheelchair friendly . Laxaledens length from the sea to the bridge at Ebbamåla / Hovmansbygd is 30 km.